Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year

With the tireless oscillations of the clock's hands
The colour display of grey's firmament
Moments passings change in an eye's twinkle
Time gives credit to age.

Musings of shame and the adventures of my fickle heart
Shredded hopes like shattered glass
The demise of a glorified era
Twelve months fallen, like fainting dominos

Standing on this spot
Fading pictures of an elapsed empire of time
The new year knocks softly
As though I had a choice over its destiny

Enters another year
Modules of time evenly divided
Resolutions, checklists, diaries, planners, reminders, memos,
Weapons for the journey

Time will elapse,
Seasons will change
The eventual passing of the year would give fate a definition
My months may fall, but my lips would eke out a smile.

Happy New Year Universe.