Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oracle's Prayer

I still have breath in my lungs
Flowing freely like the wind
I crave for the beautiful things of life
But I’m trapped in a world torn by sorrow and strife
I live my life with uncertainty
Because any minute could be my last.
What is the need for breathing?
Why do I wake up the morning?
If I cannot get the things I need
If I cannot accomplish my purpose for being here
If I cannot lift my head high in pride.
Even in this ever changing world
I hide myself under your wings
From the fiery darts of the enemy.

I grow older with every second that strikes
I become wiser with age on my side
But what is the need for wisdom?
If it cannot be applied
I feel like one who toiled in sun and under the rain
Only to realize my handiwork is in vain
Without anything to gain.
Lord, help me find my purpose
Be the light that shines in my path
That I may not stumble
You keep me in my hours of slumber
You preserve my Life and health
But I repay you with Iniquity.

Lord, I do not ask for riches
Material possession
But I ask that you give my life a pattern
The wisdom to discern
The grace to understand
To never miss an opportunity
To discover my hidden ability
To take charge of my life
And live a life worthy of emulation
To create an impact in people lives
To be an instrument of positive change
To be the key that unlocks the door to someone’s happiness
To be here for a reason.

Many times I go astray
But the Good shepherd will always find the lost sheep
Grant me courage to resist temptation
And the strength to reach my destination.
I know I ask for too much
But my heart’s desire, you will grant
Forgive my sins
The battle I shall win
In your name I pray.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Cowering soldier (2)

The enemy approaches in fury
For a moment, I could see the future
A thousand souls, men will bury
Disrupting the peace of divine nature.
Every second draws them closer
Making one team victorious
And the other, the loser.
We stood still waiting
Like fearless warriors
But we're lambs to the slaughter
Every man has his sword
Waiting for the word

Just a few inches away
I looked to the sky and said a prayer
The war had begun
There no way we can run.
We fought gallantly
Hoping to die as heroes
Or live to tell a story.

The blood of men, wet the land
A sea of heads on the sand
I looked and saw dead men
that meant I was still alive
Still fighting to survive
The enemies were crushed
With spears in their backs
Their journey ended.
They didn't have a story to tell
They laid lifeless in hell
The great heroes that fell
The war has ended
I still have breath in me
We lost many souls to claim the victory
I am not the Cowering Soldier
But the man that overcame his fear to emerge.

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