Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Jewel, My Pride

Guarded earnestly by swords of steel
Like a door beneath the seal
My Jewel, my fortune to treasure
Unflinching to the whims of lustful pleasure
Young and free as the air
Wild and unaware
Of the evil that lurks in the dark
Unwilling to be taken aback
I crave for adventure
But I was taught to resist temptation
To stand firm for what is right

Designed with a pure heart
Made in his image and likeness
My incorruptible heart will not compromise
To offer my most intimate embrace
My virginity, my pride
The wonder of my world
That has not yet been explored
I'm determined to keep this treasure of mine
For my body is God's temple

My wisdom of purity
Is foolishness to my peers
Sometimes I feel I'm left behind
But a gentle voice resonates from within
Telling me to hold on
This Jewel of mine will remain guarded
Until the ordained time
When I shall look into the eyes of my other half
And make the vow
The only one who fills my heart with bliss
Who will fulfill my desires
But until then, My Jewel will be unknown to humanity

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year (2)

We mark another beginning
To a series of 12 months
That gives credit to time
It's the dawn of the year
Bringing celebration and appreciation
For the life to see another year.

The S.I Unit for Age
Making us older and wiser
Brings hope of a brighter future
The expectation of a miracle
A dream come true
The answer to a prayer.

Time is boundless, but a mirage
Today is tomorrow's yesterday
Once lost, can never be recovered
It's the time when we reflect on our past
In a bid to making our future better
To mend the broken part of our lives.

It's the only 2008 we'll ever see
We need to get the key
To the door of success and fulfilment.
Build on the rock
And not on sinking sand
We must work
To reach the Promised Land

It's 2008
The long arms of fate
Knocks at the gate
We mustn't be late.
Live your life without fear
For the end is near
Happy New Year

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