Friday, March 21, 2008

Loving your Love

You were that friend that stuck to me like glue
The one who made me smile whenever I felt blue
Your shadow behind assured me of your presence
To share your heart, I needed no License.
You were determined to be more than just a friend
The signs were clear
But I refused to see them
Uncertain of my affinity for you
I saw Love as a burden
Another cause for worry
To send you flowers
To hear your voice in the middle of the night
To show affection I did not feel
My idea of Love was erroneous

It’s a different story when a girl is in Love
I don’t know if I swept you off your feet
Or made your heart skip a beat
But I know my existence made you feel special
The thought of someone loving you made your day
You showed in every way possible that you were in Love
I knew I had found something special
A Jewel to treasure
A fortune to cherish
You proved yourself worthy of Love
I could not but Succumb to your magnetism
I had fallen for your Charm
I wanted to remain captive
Now I can look deep in your eyes and say those words.

(This is meant to be my Valentine Post)