Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Enemy within

Dark and pretty woman
In her, I found answers
to the darkest mysteries of Love.
Perfect wife material
She lived up to the criteria
She's every man's dream
The love from her eyes that gleam
Thoughts of the good times we shared
And how she seemed to care
are ever clear in my mind.
She was just what I needed in a woman
But behind her charm
lies the ferocity of a beast

I was sure she was the right one for me
but I was too blind to see
I remember her charming smile
Her soothing voice
Her warm embrace
that made me feel secure
Her presence,
that made me proud to be in love
I thought I had found my missing rib
The way she moves her hips
And the taste of her lips
was enough to make me say "I do"

My mother knew something was wrong
But I had to move along
Assuring her of her qualities,
her humbleness and abilities.
Now I'm legally attached to this monster
The same belle I married
Has given me cause to worry.
The woman I call my wife
Is the sorrow of my life.
The preacher said its "For better or worse"
I must face the trouble that lies ahead
Tolerate and adapt to the enemy within

Monday, November 19, 2007

Behind Bars (The Prisoner's Cry)

Sitting in this cold and dark room
Only the walls can hear my cry
The wind blows and the flowers bloom
I look up and ask God "Why"
One wrong decision
Can change a man's destination
I miss the beautiful things of life
I can only catch a glimpse of the sky
And hope for freedom
This is another world of its own
Where life is extremely miserable
I can trade anything to be free
And away from this captivity.
These bars keep me safe within them
Depriving the joys of freedom from me
I'm bound by your spell
Everlasting doors of bondage
I can only pray for the day
I'll see my family again
But I'm too busy being a prisoner
I may not see freedom anytime soon
But I still have faith
Someday I shall be far beyond the reach
of these iron bars
To be called "an ex-convict"
For that's the people verdict.
While I'm still trapped behind these bars
I must strive to survive
To stay alive and worthy of freedom.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Melody in the dark

Another long night of sleeplessness
Rolling from side to side
Peering the cold and dark room
Under my blanket I hide

The room is in perfect silence
But for the ticking clock
And the whirling blades of the fan
The night wind crushes against my window

Lying on my bed
Watching the night roll by
A million thoughts in my head
Kissing the day goodbye

Cool romantic music playing
Felt in every cranny of the room
Softly piercing into my spirit
Pleasant to the ears

As I meditate on the lyrics
I find comfort in the room's dark silence
I search my soul deeply
Forming a clear visual picture in my mind
Hoping to find answers

My mind is at unalloyed peace
Deriving pleasure from every musical note.
Music of such magnitude
Creates a perfect atmosphere for solitude
I have found solace in this silent melody.
It rocked me gently to sleep
As I went down, into the deep

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Oracle's Prayer

I still have breath in my lungs
Flowing freely like the wind
I crave for the beautiful things of life
But I’m trapped in a world torn by sorrow and strife
I live my life with uncertainty
Because any minute could be my last.
What is the need for breathing?
Why do I wake up the morning?
If I cannot get the things I need
If I cannot accomplish my purpose for being here
If I cannot lift my head high in pride.
Even in this ever changing world
I hide myself under your wings
From the fiery darts of the enemy.

I grow older with every second that strikes
I become wiser with age on my side
But what is the need for wisdom?
If it cannot be applied
I feel like one who toiled in sun and under the rain
Only to realize my handiwork is in vain
Without anything to gain.
Lord, help me find my purpose
Be the light that shines in my path
That I may not stumble
You keep me in my hours of slumber
You preserve my Life and health
But I repay you with Iniquity.

Lord, I do not ask for riches
Material possession
But I ask that you give my life a pattern
The wisdom to discern
The grace to understand
To never miss an opportunity
To discover my hidden ability
To take charge of my life
And live a life worthy of emulation
To create an impact in people lives
To be an instrument of positive change
To be the key that unlocks the door to someone’s happiness
To be here for a reason.

Many times I go astray
But the Good shepherd will always find the lost sheep
Grant me courage to resist temptation
And the strength to reach my destination.
I know I ask for too much
But my heart’s desire, you will grant
Forgive my sins
The battle I shall win
In your name I pray.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Cowering soldier (2)

The enemy approaches in fury
For a moment, I could see the future
A thousand souls, men will bury
Disrupting the peace of divine nature.
Every second draws them closer
Making one team victorious
And the other, the loser.
We stood still waiting
Like fearless warriors
But we're lambs to the slaughter
Every man has his sword
Waiting for the word

Just a few inches away
I looked to the sky and said a prayer
The war had begun
There no way we can run.
We fought gallantly
Hoping to die as heroes
Or live to tell a story.

The blood of men, wet the land
A sea of heads on the sand
I looked and saw dead men
that meant I was still alive
Still fighting to survive
The enemies were crushed
With spears in their backs
Their journey ended.
They didn't have a story to tell
They laid lifeless in hell
The great heroes that fell
The war has ended
I still have breath in me
We lost many souls to claim the victory
I am not the Cowering Soldier
But the man that overcame his fear to emerge.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm Attracted

What's the need for Sight
If there's absence of light
Your beauty's dazzling
But no one's harnessing
You're helplessly attractive
Uniquely distinctive
My Glance caught yours
And I can't look away
You're like an open door
I can't ask for a better day.
Although we do not speak
There is a flow of communication
Your Body and soul beckons
Like we're meant to be
A call I must answer
Because there's more to see

I try hard to resist the feeling
But it's worthless
It’s like trying to stay dry on a rainy day
Without an umbrella.
The vacuum in my heart is filling
Volts of excitement
Flowing through my body
For a moment I don't understand myself
I can't control the mechanism of my system
All because I looked into your eyes.

This is one temptation
I cannot overcome
In your eyes I found Redemption
From sadness and boredom
Like two magnets, we attract
I hope I can feel this much longer
As I take every minute slowly
Creating a memorable experience
I don't know if this is Love
And I cannot tell
But one thing I know for sure
I'm attracted.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's another September
The ninth month of the year
A month to remember
The fourth month from the rear
The beginning of the year's final quarter
Slowly bringing 2007 to history
September, in your bosom was the world trade centre destroyed
you bring messages of peace and war
It's the month of somebody's birthday
It's the month somebody died.
Thoughts of september creats mixed feelings

We can only ask God for a wonderful September
Worth remembering
As the year slowly comes to an end
Our ways we have to mend
And live our lives rightly
Not just in september
But forever.
It's another wonderful September
I hope we have much to remember.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


The Road that leads to success is rough
A path designed for the tough
After succeeding, the struggles are a memory
A story to tell tomorrow
Although the experience is terrible
It reminds us of how faithful we have been
To the course of succeeding
And the purpose of excelling
The sacrifices we made
And the prices we paid
We cannot but look to the hills
With hope and expectation
Hard work and steadfastness are the pills
That eradicates failure
When success comes, we smile
A happy feeling of fulfillment
We would never get to our destination
If we never embarked on a journey
A journey that determines
Our reason for living
And course of existence

To get what we need
We must bleed
To the warning, heed
Sow the seed
In order to succeed

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your Awesome Sovereignty

From dust you made the man
By your words, the world was formed
The king of Heaven and Earth
Whose kingdom never ends
The Wonder of your mighty hand
Is too mysterious for science to comprehend
The sun giving light by day
And the moon by night
The stars sparkle and tell of your greatness
You created the earth, and all that is within
We live to sing your praises
All lifelong, until the end of time.

You are the light that shines in darkness
Shinning bright, you deface our sadness
The miracle we need in time of trouble
You made the blind to see your face
You made the deaf to hear the sound
The dumb to sing your praise
In you, true love I have found
We are not worthy of the life we have
But abundantly you give
Your unconditional love and divine nature
Proves your awesome sovereignty
You split the red sea
Because you make a path where there is no way
Your Grace is sufficient for me
I have nothing more to say.

The rains fall in due season
You alone know the reason
You made the trees, clouds, the air we breathe
Without you we have nothing
In you we are everything
We live to adore and appreciate Your Awesome Sovereignty.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Cowering Soldier

The battle is here
The time has arrived
For me to prove my worth
But I wish it never came
Because i don't want to feel the agony of defeat
It is only a hercules that wins a battle
I'm no superhero; I'm not ready for this life changing revolution
But I must pass through the fire to get refined.
As the war approaches, I feel shivers that displace my heart
Maybe the heat from the war will drive away my cold
With a bullet in my heart, and my lifeless body on the ground
I imagined my doom.
A tear rolled down my face, but I tried hard to hide my emotions
I need some kind of Miracle to win this battle
I stand in the front line watching the enemy roaring and raging
Every minute draws them closer.
It is time to fight.
I take a deep breath, look to the sky
And move on to change my destiny.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's August

It's another August
The Eight month of the year
A month for the true and just
To live our lives without fear
As time elapses
We learn from our lapses
We're setting goals we must achieve
The accolade we hope to receive
And lift our head in Pride
In love we must abide.
We're awakened to dream
As we cross the stream
There's no one to trust
we're made from the dust
It's another wonderful August

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday Morning
Church bells Ringing
The Lord is calling
The choir Singing
Christians sit in church
Waiting for a spiritual touch
It is here we plead forgiveness
From our Iniquities
We can feel his presence
And live our lives in Tranquility

The Preacher stepped on the podium
In an atmosphere devoid of pandemonium
He had a message to deliver
Which made the congregation shiver
About the Coming of the Lord
And the End of Time
This was the spoken word
We have to cross the line
The Church was in total silence
As we felt the word’s essence

The people were filled
With wisdom and knowledge
They were ready to make their lives
Worthy of Emulation
This was a feeling
We experienced once in a week
In a special way
On a Sunday

We see the need to please our maker
That we do not fall prey to the soul taker
The Preacher creates awareness
And demands our readiness
To be counted among the righteous
The courteous and virtuous
That will see the Lord on that day
And leave the world to decay
But, do we have to get this sensation only once in a week?
The Kingdom of God, we must seek
If we would exude holiness to the peak
Righteousness is for everyday of our lives
And not reserved for Sunday morning

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Without the Painting

Fifteen Minutes in front of the Mirror
Brushing, Cleaning, Dusting, and Painting
Tracing every line without error,
After all the stress, it is worth nothing.
Trying to enhance beauty
But Ignorant of Natural beauty
Her Lips are blood red,
Her eyelashes are pitch black
Her skin is as white as snow
At the culmination of her painting
She stepped out, a puppet,
She's a clown that wouldn't make you laugh
She appears in Colors
In an already colored world

She passes by and all heads turn
She is pleased by the attention she draws
She takes every step skillfully
Because she's a painted Queen.
After the Catwalk and conspicuousness
She goes home to wash off the colors
And begins another round of painting in the morning

Without the painting, she's an angel
She's the perfect picture of nature.
An epitome of Beauty
Illuminating Vivacity
As too much seasoning spoils the soup,
Too much colors ruin the look
Without the painting, she's natural
She's unadulterated and original.

The painting is like addition to perfection
Which makes perfection a counterfeit
You're lovely the way you are
I'll go for a girl without the Painting

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Night

The day is far spent
And every man goes to his tent
It's the dawning of the dusk
A change from light to darkness.
The sun sets in the west
And it is time to rest
Suddenly the sky is covered
With a black cloak
With tiny shiny dots that sparkle
In the big beautiful firmament.
This lovely darkness
Means we have to go to bed

I sit looking at the sky,
I see the sparkling stars
And feel the cool night air
I cannot but appreciate the beauty of nature
But I must soon lay my head
On my beloved bed
And travel far, beyond reach
To a world of fantasy,
To dreamland.
Where life is extremely beautiful
And we never want to come back
I must sleep to dream.
I was determined
To experience this beautiful fantasy.

I walked in and wished the family "Good Night"
Expressed appreciation for God's protection
And i was ready to face what the night had to bring
With a wonderful "Good Night, sleep tight and sweet dreams"
I departed and resurrected in the morning

Have you told a loved one "Goodnight" tonight?

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good Morning

Darkness slowly losing its grip of the day
Giving way to the light of the skies
The distinct melody of the crowing cock
Could be heard from a distance.
Serving as the ancient clock.
The genesis of another 24hours
The foundation of a pillar
The beginning of a season,
A new dawn

Awoken by the crow of the cock
Rolling lazily on the bed
Enjoying every minute of the Night
As though it would never end
But the night has delivered the morning
A transition from darkness to light

The door to my eyes have finally been unlocked
Stretching and yawning,
It’s a beautiful morning.
On my knees, I express gratitude
For being numbered in today’s population.
I slowly step out of the room
To know if the others made it.

But they still snore,
And I refuse to ignore
They have not recovered from the shock
Of the silent night.
Silently, with the melody of the birds,
I whisper a sweet “Good Morning Dear”
“How was your Night”?
Let the Joy of the Day Begin.
For it’s a beautiful blessing
To experience a wonderful morning

Have you told a loved one "Good morning" today?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Lost Sheep

Tears rolling down my face
Crying, searching for grace
Memories of the past
Flashes through my mind
This love cannot last
If the bond does not bind
I knelt soaked in tears
I had to face my fears
And seek Forgiveness
Be free from my weakness

A moment of Pleasure
And I've lost my treasure
I couldn't tell what came over me
I was in a state of trance
I'm not the man I used to be
I need another Chance
She stared at me in disbelief
It gave me no relief
To see her heart broken
From my slumber I had woken

She looked at me and began to Cry
She looked to the sky and asked God "Why"
This could lead to Strife
But I love my Wife
I deserved any Punishment for my Crime
Because It was Judgment Time
Amid tears, arms opened Wide
I stood up to hug my Bride
I had been Forgiven
My sins were Forgotten
I'll never forget this day
For I am a lost sheep that found its way.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Irreversible constant motion
The Ultimate healer of every wound
Time used is a memory
Time being used is an experience
And time unused is the future.
The reason for ageing
Our close, distant friend
that owes no explanation
for passing by without notice,
Slowly turning our dark hair grey
As we watch our life gradually decay.

The hands of the clock strikes continually
As the future is brought to our doorstep
The last minute becomes history
And history is soon forgotten.
Although we cannot stop time
we can make the best use of it
Time gives us hope of a better future
as darkness slowly becomes morning
or remorse for a terrible past
as we realise it has caused irrevocable damage

It is prudent to ply this seemingly endless journey with caution
Because our close, distant friend is not friendly
Sometimes we want time to move twice as fast
Because we're trying to overcome a difficult situation
or we never want it to end
Because we're enjoying every minute of it
Make wise use of this abundantly scarce commodity TIME

Monday, June 04, 2007

The Idle Mind

An Idle mind, the Devil's workshop
Bringing you to the Last Bus stop
The state of being Unengaged
Jobless and receiving no wage
An extreme feeling of boredom
Perfect for the Obtrusion of Temptation
As creepy thoughts gradually crawl in

Maria is in the Kitchen doing the dishes
She can't do better coz she is a housewife
"I wanna work in a Company" she wishes
She craves for more, she needs a better life.
A knock at the door calls her attention
A man walks in to fix the Television
An embodiment of handsomeness
Maria fancies him
One thing leads to another
Some Minutes later John steps into his house
and finds another man in bed with his spouse

Benny had graduated from school
He was always home when everyone went to work
Helpless and lonely, he wandered like a fool
In his boredom someone knocked on the door
Its Benny's school friend Buck
"Benny could you please accompany me to somewhere"
This meant freedom from loneliness he could not bear
They walked through the streets
Under the scorching sun
Suddenly Buck tells him to get into the car
Benny could not tell whose car it was.
Mommy gets back home and can't find Benny
She asks the neighbours about her sonny
She sits for a glass of Juice
As she sees her boy on the 7 o clock news
Benny was charged for snatching a car
He never knew the Police wasn't so far.

If Maria had a job, she would never have gone astray
If Benny was engaged, he would never have gone with Buck
Although they all appeared to be Victims of circumstance
Their minds was idle.
They were manipulated like Chess pieces by the Devil himself
Because their Idle Minds became his workshop

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beauty Without Brains

An exquisite Catwalk
on beautiful high heels
Taking every step one by one
on beautiful streets,
Walking with boldness
As she passes, all heads turn
To stare at this fair skinned damsel
She’s the definition of beauty
The culmination of fairness
A creature specially created
She’s probably been overrated
She drives men insane
But she’s a Beauty Without Brains

She uses her natural decorations
To commit numerous abominations
The things she does in the dark
Always shows on her back
Beauty without brains
If only she knew the pains
Her mother went through
Maybe she’d change.
A young charming figure
who boasts of her looks
But cannot figure
what is written in books.
A beauty to behold
So young and bold
She dresses in expensive wears
But has nothing upstairs
She has to walk the right lane
Because she’s a beauty without brains

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hawker Girl

Every single day, she passes by
And stirs up a feeling I can’t deny
I’m not so happy about what she does
But in her organization, she’s the boss
A beautiful young girl
Who does nothing but sell,
She has to raise money for the family
Because her parents earn no salary.
A girl with a future so bright
But hasn’t come to see the light,
The light education has to bring
For a new song she will sing

Although I don’t like what she sells
I’m bound to her like a spell
Each time she passes
I cherish the glances
I call her but she says “I’m Dirty”
I tell her “It enhances your beauty”
The dust is powder
She is shy and wants to cry
Whenever she smiles the earth quakes
The ground breaks and the world shakes
I let her know, what she does is not a crime
But she should always wear a smile
She does what she does well
But she’s a hawker girl

My friends tell me I’m losing my integrity
By hanging out with someone so filthy
If only they know what I feel
My burning desire and zeal
For this helpless angel
Maybe they’d never bother
Affection beyond human reasoning
Tastes like food, when added seasoning
My attention, attraction and admiration
Is for no one but the hawker girl.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year.

Its a new day, its a new year

The beginning of another series of 12 months

the celebration of another new year

Another 365 days

Its a political year for Nigeria

To choose leaders with the right criteria

Its another valentine's day

its another birthday

Its the same things we've done in previous years

only this time we're doing it without fear

It 2007

I hope we make it to heaven

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