Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good Morning

Darkness slowly losing its grip of the day
Giving way to the light of the skies
The distinct melody of the crowing cock
Could be heard from a distance.
Serving as the ancient clock.
The genesis of another 24hours
The foundation of a pillar
The beginning of a season,
A new dawn

Awoken by the crow of the cock
Rolling lazily on the bed
Enjoying every minute of the Night
As though it would never end
But the night has delivered the morning
A transition from darkness to light

The door to my eyes have finally been unlocked
Stretching and yawning,
It’s a beautiful morning.
On my knees, I express gratitude
For being numbered in today’s population.
I slowly step out of the room
To know if the others made it.

But they still snore,
And I refuse to ignore
They have not recovered from the shock
Of the silent night.
Silently, with the melody of the birds,
I whisper a sweet “Good Morning Dear”
“How was your Night”?
Let the Joy of the Day Begin.
For it’s a beautiful blessing
To experience a wonderful morning

Have you told a loved one "Good morning" today?


Ugo Daniels said...

I tell my loved one goodmorning everyday. You really write well. Kudos!


yeah, u do right well
i bet every girl that reads this blog would fall in love with you. women love poems (i think)

keep up the good work, who knows, u might be the new chimamanda( the male version that is)

Jaybabe said...

Yeah nice one again.
I greet everyone every morning that i see.Yeah including a loved one.The question is..did you?

Oracle said...

@Jaybabe:I sure did

victoria said...

omg..that was so ..i cant find a word to describe it. i like the part "On my knees, I express gratitude
For being numbered in today’s population." is true o, we do need to be thankful for being alive today, to be able to see the next morning. LOve it LOve your peoms