Monday, February 16, 2009

My Destiny

Looking in the mirror,
Strange man looking back
Eyes filled with dreams,
Mind set to achieve greatness.
Can't identify the path of destiny
What does fate hold for me?

My philosophical nature bends me to life's wil
I've been here all my life but this place looks strange
I don't understand the rules governing the biosphere
The ever flowing blood in my veins
The free breath of air.
I know the destination but am alien to the path

There are many parts of me that remain a mystery
These eyes are hungry for adventure
My soul burns with desire
To be the greatest of my kind,
An empire under my control.

They all said it's not easy
My young heart is unaware of nature's danger
I will be what I'm destined to be.
Lord, I ask that you lead me in the path of my destiny
So I can familiarize with this stranger in the mirror.