Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Internet

The internet is one great technological thing that has kept people going, think of the long hours you spend in front of the screen surfing, a time you definitely cannot spend doing something else, think of being awake probably all through the nite typing, chatting, bloging, mailing, posting, recieving and all that, but whatever you do just let it be good.
A whole lot of people abuse the privilege of being on the net and use their talents negatively, this is no more news as a lot of people have fallen victim or fallen prey to these fraudulent talented guys.
why the word talented? "Talented" because these guys are really gifted but they tend to exercise or utilise their talents negatively, it takes brains to convince and decieve somebody completely.
thatz the talent we're talking about, itz not really easy talking people out of doing what they do coz thatz probably their livelihood but tell me how you would feel if you were the one who fell prey to the ferocious fraudsters ready to devour any mugu. guys can always invest their talents in honest means of aquiring wealth, it requires hardwork though but it definitely leads to success and thatz the spirit, the spirit of doing what is right.
personally i won't say i'm some kinda genius or something coz i alwayz believe there's always something to learn and thatz exactly what i always try to do.
love from THE ORACLE

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Broken Homes

Daddy yelling, Mummy weeping, Children watching,
hearts are broken though no words spoken,
the thief of marital bliss, breaks the peace
making them forget the vows taken
on the day of their first kiss.
Daddy must be filled with anger
as mummy's presence constitutes danger
if only they could settle down and resolve their differences
together, forever strengthen their weaknesses
from their faces erase the frown
never to let their union drown.

if only mummy would submit and daddy admit
maybe this would never had happened
their hearts opened to recieve and minds ready to believe
then the bleeding heart would heal and passion they will feel
once again the sun has risen, all darkness is driven
as joy, peace and love is restored
to the blessed union,
their promises honored
with joyful communion

Monday, July 17, 2006


Life is like an endless journey
where we see things that are rather funny
we come across a lot of hurdles
which may come in bundles
raging like a roaring storm
they come to plough us down
we forget that we have a supreme being
who cares and forgives, no matter the sin
our existence on earth is by his grace
and all he desires is his praise

The holy book says that prayer moves mountain
but God inhabits his praise like a fountain
That which the Lord desires his Children should offer
for he answereth by fireThat we may not suffer
what then shall it profit us
to live our lives each day
itz like we're in a moving bus
that has lost itz way
our existence on earth is by his grace
and all he desires is his praise

Saturday, July 08, 2006

No place like home.

I have searched everywhere in the world
but no place gives me joy like home.
Home may not neccesarily mean the house you live in
but wherever you come from is your home.
a whole lot of people have gone out of home,
and have decided not to come back,
perhaps they feel there is more they can get outside.
But if you would never have chances of making it in your home,
then God would never have given you such a home.
there is freedom, joy and a sense of belonging we feel,
when we are at home, because there is no place like home
East or west, Home is the Best.
All those who have left their motherland should return
for the greener pastures lie at home.

Friday, July 07, 2006

It is morning at last

Sometimes life gets so hard
that we think such problems do not have an end
Burdens, Worries and troubles started somewhere
and they will definitely have their end.
The night may be dark, fearful, long and silent
but the morning will definitely come with joy.
It is so bright, beautiful and Blissful.
the fact that freedom, joy or justice is delayed
does not mean it will never come
it is just at your doorstep and giving up
will not be a good idea at that point
because you will have course to smile and say
"It is morning at last".

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Your love

In a cool, ambient environment
when im struck by boredom
Boredom almost impossible to flinch
then your love ignites my world
with bright, viable colors
colors that are hardly quenched
Love is that sensation that i feel
whenever itz just you and me

Love is not self willing but free giving
your love for me keeps the fire burning
the heart beating and the blood flowing
that is why i never have to leave
When I know there is affection and passion
All stuffed up for no one but me
There is nothing more I need in this world
But the happiness your love brings