Thursday, July 06, 2006

Your love

In a cool, ambient environment
when im struck by boredom
Boredom almost impossible to flinch
then your love ignites my world
with bright, viable colors
colors that are hardly quenched
Love is that sensation that i feel
whenever itz just you and me

Love is not self willing but free giving
your love for me keeps the fire burning
the heart beating and the blood flowing
that is why i never have to leave
When I know there is affection and passion
All stuffed up for no one but me
There is nothing more I need in this world
But the happiness your love brings


Queen said...

Nice poem, nice blog.
Its nice to have u on the blogosphere.
Welcome to the blogosphere

Robby said...

cool poem

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

May I dedicate your poem to my sweetest.

I love your words.
Because they come without hinges.
Slowly like honey.

God bless the poet.

Oracle said...

Thank you Osinachi for your encouragement
this is my first Love Poem i wrote last year.
i believe God will bless me coz im the poet and as for your sweetest,
you have access to dedicate it to her or him

Oracle said...

Thanx everyone. I'm really grateful

Olamild said...'s one
You are everything I ever wanted.
On you my future happiness depends.
Unless I'm with you all my thoughts are haunted.
because of your love, my unease ends.
Reason warns me that I am in danger:
Eventually, everything must fade.
My love, like yours, is flammable in anger.
Yet my trust is such, I'm not afraid.
Something in our love's more than emotion,
Underneath each thought and each desire;
Not even all the water in the ocean
Seems up to putting out this one small fire.
How could this be? Within our love is something
Immeasurable, infinite, and good.
Nothing in all life can match this one thing
Each other passion would be, if it could.