Saturday, July 22, 2006

Broken Homes

Daddy yelling, Mummy weeping, Children watching,
hearts are broken though no words spoken,
the thief of marital bliss, breaks the peace
making them forget the vows taken
on the day of their first kiss.
Daddy must be filled with anger
as mummy's presence constitutes danger
if only they could settle down and resolve their differences
together, forever strengthen their weaknesses
from their faces erase the frown
never to let their union drown.

if only mummy would submit and daddy admit
maybe this would never had happened
their hearts opened to recieve and minds ready to believe
then the bleeding heart would heal and passion they will feel
once again the sun has risen, all darkness is driven
as joy, peace and love is restored
to the blessed union,
their promises honored
with joyful communion


xdos said...

Thatz a great poem you wrote son.

Anonymous said...

This is awonderful poem Oracle, you've got good poetry skills, please don't loose it.
but develop it
good work

Anonymous said...

I am working on something related to is suppose to come as a far, i have posted just the first part, its called "the wedding"