Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm Attracted

What's the need for Sight
If there's absence of light
Your beauty's dazzling
But no one's harnessing
You're helplessly attractive
Uniquely distinctive
My Glance caught yours
And I can't look away
You're like an open door
I can't ask for a better day.
Although we do not speak
There is a flow of communication
Your Body and soul beckons
Like we're meant to be
A call I must answer
Because there's more to see

I try hard to resist the feeling
But it's worthless
It’s like trying to stay dry on a rainy day
Without an umbrella.
The vacuum in my heart is filling
Volts of excitement
Flowing through my body
For a moment I don't understand myself
I can't control the mechanism of my system
All because I looked into your eyes.

This is one temptation
I cannot overcome
In your eyes I found Redemption
From sadness and boredom
Like two magnets, we attract
I hope I can feel this much longer
As I take every minute slowly
Creating a memorable experience
I don't know if this is Love
And I cannot tell
But one thing I know for sure
I'm attracted.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's another September
The ninth month of the year
A month to remember
The fourth month from the rear
The beginning of the year's final quarter
Slowly bringing 2007 to history
September, in your bosom was the world trade centre destroyed
you bring messages of peace and war
It's the month of somebody's birthday
It's the month somebody died.
Thoughts of september creats mixed feelings

We can only ask God for a wonderful September
Worth remembering
As the year slowly comes to an end
Our ways we have to mend
And live our lives rightly
Not just in september
But forever.
It's another wonderful September
I hope we have much to remember.