Tuesday, December 23, 2008

College Controversy

I recall my days of labour
As I toiled in dark hours
When spirits roam the earth
And mortals shuttle to dreamland.
The candle wax melted
And the lamp's oil dried
In a bid to acquiring college space,
The desire for discovery of my life's purpose
Felt the ache as I ascended every step.
Filled with hope
of fulfillment at the journey's end
I've reached the top
I levitate to the highest height
What do I feel? ...........................................NOTHING
I was unburdened and given a greater burden
The earth applauded my arrival
Into a world of drama,
A battlefield
Where soldiers defended only self
It's a fierce academic war, I must win
It's the University.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Night worker

Sauntering through the streets
In dark corners
Waiting for redemption
Of sexual gratification
Every passer by looks like a client
They answer the call that was never made

Seeking human prey
Towing the sons of men into the fiery kingdom
Making sinners of men
For hell is never crowded

Giving their virtue for riches
The root of every evil known to humanity
At daylight, she's your next door good girl
In hours of darkness, the filthiest nubile creature

The treasure reserved for only one
Has become the national cake
No one therefore can claim the patent right
Of this wonder of nature

On the duty post, when Adam's breed lay asleep
Working in darkness,
A time reserved for the action of spiritual forces,
When the men of the underworld operate
And all despicable evil is executed

They are slaves of the fiend
Only the almighty can save his people from doom

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Clad in the apparel of iniquity
Sin’s firm grip of my soul
Like a convicted felon
Clenched by the paws of melancholy

The dogged haul to the dark side
Pulling my mind
Magnetism almost beyond resistance
Blinding me to the ills of sin

Flesh gratifying exercise
Pleasure derived for a moment
Executed in an eye’s twinkle
Dissolves with enduring sorrow

Forsaken with guilt
Sorrow of great depth
Immaculate filth
Flowing, filling up my system

The almighty sits and watches
The fraternity with the enemy
His loving arms are spread open
To accept the lost sheep

Back at his feet
Accepted once again into the family
The light has shone again
I have found solace in righteousness

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I miss you

As we glide through various phases
Of this seemingly endless tour called life
Our being stares challenges in the eyes
We become stronger with every hurdle we overcome
We age with every second that strikes
The oscillatory nature of humanity
Feeds us from the menu of boredom
Making life a dreary ride
But there are moments worth recalling
Moments spent in your presence
Where life’s meaning is but a dream
Every second is cherished to infinity
The senseless nothings that made me beam a smile
Your vivacity deflowering my gloomy lips

When I glance across my room
My shadow is my only company
Why am I tormented by visions of you?
Why do I feel that your appearance
Will be an antidote to my emptiness?
I am pierced deeply by the sting of your absence
The pain is insufferable
It amplifies my misery.
And my remnant only hopes for your return
I have nothing else to do
But sit still and keep missing you.

Monday, June 02, 2008


Beauty is the sweetness of the eyes.

Beauty is the sight that gives the mouth speech

Beauty is the appreciation of God's creation

Beauty is the expression of gratitude for a splendor of great magnitude

Beauty is the picture we see and marvel

Beauty is that look we envied once

Beauty is the flower that blooms that hasn't seen doom

Beauty is the appearance accompanied by assurance

Beauty is the wonder that makes the world shudder

Beauty is that fineness Locked inside your soul

Beauty is your smile, your eyes, your lips, your body.

Beauty is you.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Family (2)

Never knew my beginning
I grew to believe their story
With keen interest they described my origin
How my delivery gave God glory.
I let out a cry that marked my arrival
It placed an involuntary smile on mother's face
I became a part of the human race.

I found myself
Amid closely linked bloodmates
Grew up to learn their ways,
Inculcate their values,
And many a times, go astray
I discovered a network of love
Existing among members
Which established a contrast to other people.
Sometimes they give me reason to hate them,
But the love overshadowed all grief.

Faced with many challenges
Fought many battles
We created an unbreakable bond
Won our battles.
Devoid of doubt
Of the affinity of my family
I walk with a sense of pride.
Even when I'm deserted by the world
I'll smile knowing there's love for me
From people who'll never forsake me
When in need.

From the days of my childhood
Till I found beard on my chin
Their love has never grown cold
I try to give them reason to belive
That beside them, I'm secure
I'd rather be here
Than dine in castles with kings
Because this is where I belong.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Loving your Love

You were that friend that stuck to me like glue
The one who made me smile whenever I felt blue
Your shadow behind assured me of your presence
To share your heart, I needed no License.
You were determined to be more than just a friend
The signs were clear
But I refused to see them
Uncertain of my affinity for you
I saw Love as a burden
Another cause for worry
To send you flowers
To hear your voice in the middle of the night
To show affection I did not feel
My idea of Love was erroneous

It’s a different story when a girl is in Love
I don’t know if I swept you off your feet
Or made your heart skip a beat
But I know my existence made you feel special
The thought of someone loving you made your day
You showed in every way possible that you were in Love
I knew I had found something special
A Jewel to treasure
A fortune to cherish
You proved yourself worthy of Love
I could not but Succumb to your magnetism
I had fallen for your Charm
I wanted to remain captive
Now I can look deep in your eyes and say those words.

(This is meant to be my Valentine Post)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Condemned

People gathered round
Waiting for the sound
The sound that will mark a man's doom
His face is filled with gloom
His eyes filled with tears
His mind revolves with thoughts
He breathes every air greedily
Because every second is precious
He accepts his fate
With arms wide open
He wished he had a better life
He sought for that second chance
That couldn't be found.

I looked at him with pity
His heart must be ready for what lies ahead
He didn't have much time on earth
He wanted to make it right at the last minute
He wanted to find solace in eternity
His sins were unforgivable to man
I didn't want to be in his shoes
I wish he had another shot at life
His heartbeat synchronized with every second
His mind was fixed on his eternity
He spoke in a soft tone.
He didn't want us to ply his route
He was a condemned man.

That day my life was changed
I vowed to be a better man
To use what I have when I still have it
He lost possession of his life
But his words rang a bell in my heart
It established an unquenchable thirst for righteousness
I knew he was a messenger.

May his soul rest in peace

Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Jewel, My Pride

Guarded earnestly by swords of steel
Like a door beneath the seal
My Jewel, my fortune to treasure
Unflinching to the whims of lustful pleasure
Young and free as the air
Wild and unaware
Of the evil that lurks in the dark
Unwilling to be taken aback
I crave for adventure
But I was taught to resist temptation
To stand firm for what is right

Designed with a pure heart
Made in his image and likeness
My incorruptible heart will not compromise
To offer my most intimate embrace
My virginity, my pride
The wonder of my world
That has not yet been explored
I'm determined to keep this treasure of mine
For my body is God's temple

My wisdom of purity
Is foolishness to my peers
Sometimes I feel I'm left behind
But a gentle voice resonates from within
Telling me to hold on
This Jewel of mine will remain guarded
Until the ordained time
When I shall look into the eyes of my other half
And make the vow
The only one who fills my heart with bliss
Who will fulfill my desires
But until then, My Jewel will be unknown to humanity

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy New Year (2)

We mark another beginning
To a series of 12 months
That gives credit to time
It's the dawn of the year
Bringing celebration and appreciation
For the life to see another year.

The S.I Unit for Age
Making us older and wiser
Brings hope of a brighter future
The expectation of a miracle
A dream come true
The answer to a prayer.

Time is boundless, but a mirage
Today is tomorrow's yesterday
Once lost, can never be recovered
It's the time when we reflect on our past
In a bid to making our future better
To mend the broken part of our lives.

It's the only 2008 we'll ever see
We need to get the key
To the door of success and fulfilment.
Build on the rock
And not on sinking sand
We must work
To reach the Promised Land

It's 2008
The long arms of fate
Knocks at the gate
We mustn't be late.
Live your life without fear
For the end is near
Happy New Year

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