Friday, May 23, 2008

Family (2)

Never knew my beginning
I grew to believe their story
With keen interest they described my origin
How my delivery gave God glory.
I let out a cry that marked my arrival
It placed an involuntary smile on mother's face
I became a part of the human race.

I found myself
Amid closely linked bloodmates
Grew up to learn their ways,
Inculcate their values,
And many a times, go astray
I discovered a network of love
Existing among members
Which established a contrast to other people.
Sometimes they give me reason to hate them,
But the love overshadowed all grief.

Faced with many challenges
Fought many battles
We created an unbreakable bond
Won our battles.
Devoid of doubt
Of the affinity of my family
I walk with a sense of pride.
Even when I'm deserted by the world
I'll smile knowing there's love for me
From people who'll never forsake me
When in need.

From the days of my childhood
Till I found beard on my chin
Their love has never grown cold
I try to give them reason to belive
That beside them, I'm secure
I'd rather be here
Than dine in castles with kings
Because this is where I belong.

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