Saturday, August 25, 2007


The Road that leads to success is rough
A path designed for the tough
After succeeding, the struggles are a memory
A story to tell tomorrow
Although the experience is terrible
It reminds us of how faithful we have been
To the course of succeeding
And the purpose of excelling
The sacrifices we made
And the prices we paid
We cannot but look to the hills
With hope and expectation
Hard work and steadfastness are the pills
That eradicates failure
When success comes, we smile
A happy feeling of fulfillment
We would never get to our destination
If we never embarked on a journey
A journey that determines
Our reason for living
And course of existence

To get what we need
We must bleed
To the warning, heed
Sow the seed
In order to succeed

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your Awesome Sovereignty

From dust you made the man
By your words, the world was formed
The king of Heaven and Earth
Whose kingdom never ends
The Wonder of your mighty hand
Is too mysterious for science to comprehend
The sun giving light by day
And the moon by night
The stars sparkle and tell of your greatness
You created the earth, and all that is within
We live to sing your praises
All lifelong, until the end of time.

You are the light that shines in darkness
Shinning bright, you deface our sadness
The miracle we need in time of trouble
You made the blind to see your face
You made the deaf to hear the sound
The dumb to sing your praise
In you, true love I have found
We are not worthy of the life we have
But abundantly you give
Your unconditional love and divine nature
Proves your awesome sovereignty
You split the red sea
Because you make a path where there is no way
Your Grace is sufficient for me
I have nothing more to say.

The rains fall in due season
You alone know the reason
You made the trees, clouds, the air we breathe
Without you we have nothing
In you we are everything
We live to adore and appreciate Your Awesome Sovereignty.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Cowering Soldier

The battle is here
The time has arrived
For me to prove my worth
But I wish it never came
Because i don't want to feel the agony of defeat
It is only a hercules that wins a battle
I'm no superhero; I'm not ready for this life changing revolution
But I must pass through the fire to get refined.
As the war approaches, I feel shivers that displace my heart
Maybe the heat from the war will drive away my cold
With a bullet in my heart, and my lifeless body on the ground
I imagined my doom.
A tear rolled down my face, but I tried hard to hide my emotions
I need some kind of Miracle to win this battle
I stand in the front line watching the enemy roaring and raging
Every minute draws them closer.
It is time to fight.
I take a deep breath, look to the sky
And move on to change my destiny.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's August

It's another August
The Eight month of the year
A month for the true and just
To live our lives without fear
As time elapses
We learn from our lapses
We're setting goals we must achieve
The accolade we hope to receive
And lift our head in Pride
In love we must abide.
We're awakened to dream
As we cross the stream
There's no one to trust
we're made from the dust
It's another wonderful August