Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Condemned

People gathered round
Waiting for the sound
The sound that will mark a man's doom
His face is filled with gloom
His eyes filled with tears
His mind revolves with thoughts
He breathes every air greedily
Because every second is precious
He accepts his fate
With arms wide open
He wished he had a better life
He sought for that second chance
That couldn't be found.

I looked at him with pity
His heart must be ready for what lies ahead
He didn't have much time on earth
He wanted to make it right at the last minute
He wanted to find solace in eternity
His sins were unforgivable to man
I didn't want to be in his shoes
I wish he had another shot at life
His heartbeat synchronized with every second
His mind was fixed on his eternity
He spoke in a soft tone.
He didn't want us to ply his route
He was a condemned man.

That day my life was changed
I vowed to be a better man
To use what I have when I still have it
He lost possession of his life
But his words rang a bell in my heart
It established an unquenchable thirst for righteousness
I knew he was a messenger.

May his soul rest in peace