Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fear is your heart's keep

Tears are dropping
Like candle wax melting
Evil is lurking outside the door
I hear the door rattle
The wind shivers as the night air
Blowing fear deep in your marrow
There is no reason for courage
For no mortal can stand the fright
Sit waiting, watching, counting the
To your delightful debacle
A terror long waited
Slowly sipping existence
This is nothing but the forerunner
For your true demise waits to take you
in slumber
Your screams are loud as a whisper
You slowly drown in a pool of
You’re blessed with the curse of death
As the clock strikes midnight
You gasp for life
But your destiny is fulfilling
“knock knock”, it’s the end at your door
Slowly your life is drained
To an everlasting slumber
As the world whispers “adios”

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Blurry Vision

Usually I would make my words rhyme
But honestly there's no time
The one who used to light my fire
Has tagged my being "Beautiful Liar"
In this case, I'm the accused
To a filthy rag reduced
Who exercises affection
For the lost souls of attraction
My life became a blunder
A feat that made me wonder
How I could throw in the garbage
The sunshine that locked me in love's cage
But this is what you get
When you remember to forget
That you're dealing with a girl's heart
Excruciating like the sting from a fiery dart
And I can't remember
What happened in September
Now I'm far away
Living life day my day
Everything I said was right
But you chose to take flight
This is the part where I stand aside
To watch you and let events slide
Heartache is never my mission
But you're struck by "Blurry Vision"