Sunday, June 21, 2009

Romantic Slaughter

You've been my reason
For joy and laughter
The reason to smile
And life's new chapter
The cause to be loved
And be happy ever after
To express affection
No matter the weather
By your side
I feel life getting better.
In your arms
the world I can conquer
You stuck close
just like a brother
And I wanted nothing
To put us asunder
We weren't dating
But were birds of a feather

My actions showed
that I loved no other
I guess you felt it
coz you loved me better
But in the end
You weren't my lover.

Out of the blues
came another
Who's bent
on keeping you closer
I couldn't envy
a fellow brother
Just trying
to satisfy his hunger
And break a bond
that was getting stronger.
There's a sharp pain
in my bladder
As I watch
another brother
Slowly appear
to take my corner
Now I'm thinking
even in slumber
My favorite meal
cannot cure my hunger
My body is here
but my soul is yonder
Lost in trance
coz life is a blunder
You were my reason
For joy and laughter
But now
I can only wonder
How this love
could end in the gutter
Once again
I've become a hunter
Searching for love
and a new chapter
As I lay on my bed
sipping water
I mourn my death

Today is my B'day