Monday, November 19, 2007

Behind Bars (The Prisoner's Cry)

Sitting in this cold and dark room
Only the walls can hear my cry
The wind blows and the flowers bloom
I look up and ask God "Why"
One wrong decision
Can change a man's destination
I miss the beautiful things of life
I can only catch a glimpse of the sky
And hope for freedom
This is another world of its own
Where life is extremely miserable
I can trade anything to be free
And away from this captivity.
These bars keep me safe within them
Depriving the joys of freedom from me
I'm bound by your spell
Everlasting doors of bondage
I can only pray for the day
I'll see my family again
But I'm too busy being a prisoner
I may not see freedom anytime soon
But I still have faith
Someday I shall be far beyond the reach
of these iron bars
To be called "an ex-convict"
For that's the people verdict.
While I'm still trapped behind these bars
I must strive to survive
To stay alive and worthy of freedom.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Melody in the dark

Another long night of sleeplessness
Rolling from side to side
Peering the cold and dark room
Under my blanket I hide

The room is in perfect silence
But for the ticking clock
And the whirling blades of the fan
The night wind crushes against my window

Lying on my bed
Watching the night roll by
A million thoughts in my head
Kissing the day goodbye

Cool romantic music playing
Felt in every cranny of the room
Softly piercing into my spirit
Pleasant to the ears

As I meditate on the lyrics
I find comfort in the room's dark silence
I search my soul deeply
Forming a clear visual picture in my mind
Hoping to find answers

My mind is at unalloyed peace
Deriving pleasure from every musical note.
Music of such magnitude
Creates a perfect atmosphere for solitude
I have found solace in this silent melody.
It rocked me gently to sleep
As I went down, into the deep