Monday, November 19, 2007

Behind Bars (The Prisoner's Cry)

Sitting in this cold and dark room
Only the walls can hear my cry
The wind blows and the flowers bloom
I look up and ask God "Why"
One wrong decision
Can change a man's destination
I miss the beautiful things of life
I can only catch a glimpse of the sky
And hope for freedom
This is another world of its own
Where life is extremely miserable
I can trade anything to be free
And away from this captivity.
These bars keep me safe within them
Depriving the joys of freedom from me
I'm bound by your spell
Everlasting doors of bondage
I can only pray for the day
I'll see my family again
But I'm too busy being a prisoner
I may not see freedom anytime soon
But I still have faith
Someday I shall be far beyond the reach
of these iron bars
To be called "an ex-convict"
For that's the people verdict.
While I'm still trapped behind these bars
I must strive to survive
To stay alive and worthy of freedom.


Jaybabe said...

Thats what most prisoners wish when they are still inside that dark room. To be a better person when they come out. Never to go the same route again...

Its the same as being in a very abusive relationship.
You'll wish for the day you'll see yourself free of the bondage.
And you'll make yourself a promise never to go thru that route again..

Its also the same as suffering while trying to make two ends meet. The ups and downs that come your way. With a mission and a vision. Never to see any of your loved ones, go thru the same route again.

Very nice post.

Kafo said...

i love this

i had a friend who was locked up earlier this year and you mirrored his sentiments so deeply


Olamild said...

I tag you. check my blog

Olamild said...

You definately kno w what yo're talking about when you write

YOu're always deep

Bro. Tee said...

One wrong decision is all it takes. One wrong step in the wrong direction .
That's why the Lord commands us to pray "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil...."

Thanks for sharing. Keep the thought flowing. Don't drop the pen. Shalom


Thanks for the Thanksgiving tag. I did it already on my other blog -

How now?

30+ said...

I have not read post yet will be back.

BTW I like your new template

Jaycee said...

Do u watch Prison Break too?

Because it makes people write poems like

Nice, as usual.


I thought I already left a comment...

This was a wonderful poem. As usual!

Thanks for the invitation to participate in the Thanksgiving Tag/meme. I did it already at


oh, now I know why... sorry...

NikkiSab said...

dis is sadly d truth of how de feel. U captured it well. long time o, thanks for stopping by.

wande said...

Fantastic and captivating

Philly's Andrea said...

Ok, if I haven't told you I'm telling you this now...your hot but you already know that, right. Keep it coming, really inspirational.


Jaybabe said...

Passed by to check for an update.

KimPossible said...

GREAT, I really enjoyed it. I have a prison poem that I will share with you or post on my blog. Some of us are in prisons and we aren't physically locked up. There are a lot of ways to view this poem.

Great, great post. I will be back.

Keep in touch and drop by my blog.


Omodudu said...


Confessions of a moody crab said...

Very touching. Hope you find the freedom you are looking for. Stay alive...

PS: Thanks for dropping by mine

Boso said...

Great poem !!

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Olamild said...

Your blog's back THANK GOD

I have been trying to get to this page forever... How have u been oracle?

Jaybabe said...

Aaaggg! Oracle, where you dey now?

Anonymous said...

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