Sunday, June 21, 2009

Romantic Slaughter

You've been my reason
For joy and laughter
The reason to smile
And life's new chapter
The cause to be loved
And be happy ever after
To express affection
No matter the weather
By your side
I feel life getting better.
In your arms
the world I can conquer
You stuck close
just like a brother
And I wanted nothing
To put us asunder
We weren't dating
But were birds of a feather

My actions showed
that I loved no other
I guess you felt it
coz you loved me better
But in the end
You weren't my lover.

Out of the blues
came another
Who's bent
on keeping you closer
I couldn't envy
a fellow brother
Just trying
to satisfy his hunger
And break a bond
that was getting stronger.
There's a sharp pain
in my bladder
As I watch
another brother
Slowly appear
to take my corner
Now I'm thinking
even in slumber
My favorite meal
cannot cure my hunger
My body is here
but my soul is yonder
Lost in trance
coz life is a blunder
You were my reason
For joy and laughter
But now
I can only wonder
How this love
could end in the gutter
Once again
I've become a hunter
Searching for love
and a new chapter
As I lay on my bed
sipping water
I mourn my death

Today is my B'day

Monday, April 20, 2009

Gloomy lights, Soothing Darkness

I recall my voyage through life
In a world brimming with strife
As I shuttle from the epoch of childhood
To this phase of adulthood
For the day's death
Is the night's birth

Walking through this valley of darkness
My mind sipping the sadness
This long awaited moment of my being
Demanding the majestic walk of a king
Has left me wishing to see life through a child's eyes
And flee from mankind's lies

I behold the light
But there is comfort in the darkness
The gift of sight
Has brought me nothing but madness
I am in love with this ignorance
To foolishly fulfil my youthful exuberance

Without fear of consequence
Or the constant obtrusion of my conscience
Striving to give my existence a definition
Taking strides with determination
Fulfilling imagination's desire
Poetry bringing words to inspire

I crave to return to childhood
When life felt extremely good
With nothing to worry about
And the world gave you no doubt
But now I'm a man
I need to do the things I can

I cannot but dream of my Gloomy lights and Soothing darkness

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Destiny

Looking in the mirror,
Strange man looking back
Eyes filled with dreams,
Mind set to achieve greatness.
Can't identify the path of destiny
What does fate hold for me?

My philosophical nature bends me to life's wil
I've been here all my life but this place looks strange
I don't understand the rules governing the biosphere
The ever flowing blood in my veins
The free breath of air.
I know the destination but am alien to the path

There are many parts of me that remain a mystery
These eyes are hungry for adventure
My soul burns with desire
To be the greatest of my kind,
An empire under my control.

They all said it's not easy
My young heart is unaware of nature's danger
I will be what I'm destined to be.
Lord, I ask that you lead me in the path of my destiny
So I can familiarize with this stranger in the mirror.