Monday, April 20, 2009

Gloomy lights, Soothing Darkness

I recall my voyage through life
In a world brimming with strife
As I shuttle from the epoch of childhood
To this phase of adulthood
For the day's death
Is the night's birth

Walking through this valley of darkness
My mind sipping the sadness
This long awaited moment of my being
Demanding the majestic walk of a king
Has left me wishing to see life through a child's eyes
And flee from mankind's lies

I behold the light
But there is comfort in the darkness
The gift of sight
Has brought me nothing but madness
I am in love with this ignorance
To foolishly fulfil my youthful exuberance

Without fear of consequence
Or the constant obtrusion of my conscience
Striving to give my existence a definition
Taking strides with determination
Fulfilling imagination's desire
Poetry bringing words to inspire

I crave to return to childhood
When life felt extremely good
With nothing to worry about
And the world gave you no doubt
But now I'm a man
I need to do the things I can

I cannot but dream of my Gloomy lights and Soothing darkness


Kafo said...

i didn't think it was this bad

long time no hear i hope all is well

i don't really think i miss my childhood

Today's ranting said...

Hmmmm I feel you my brother. Reminiscing over one's childhood (the period of bliss and innocence) makes one feel that that period should come back again especially when one is facing the challenges and worries of adulthood. But we have no choice other than to face the challenges of this world as adults just exactly as this piece says in
"But now I'm a man
I need to do the things I can." A wonderful and witty piece as usual.

yui said...

Hi! I'm behind you.
Good luck!

Life said...

hello friend :)

after longtime ha ??

very dark tunnel has light and every dark cloud has silver lining :)

Take Care

Lindah said...

I like you imagination. Thanks for sharing.


hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I like lines 5 & 6...the tale of the journey through life it is

Anonymous said...

Many times wish I could return back to innocence.
Nice piece brother, stirs up lost childhood thoughts. I also like the contemporary touch.