Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Forgetting your love is Insanity
Reciprocating your kindness, my responsibility
My world reflects around you,
You taught me the things to do
Survival, existence couldn’t have been much easier,
Without you by my side.
You gave me life just when I thought of dying
You gave me confidence when I didn’t have any
You made me strong when the going was tough
You made a man out of a boy.

Everyday I give thanks to the most high
For giving me such wonder
Whose love takes me to the sky
Your image I will never plunder
Happy to have felt a mother’s touch
I hope someday
i will appreciate the affection once felt
Under your arms
Just to show that I love you.


My heart is broken, though no words spoken
My mind opened, to receive a love that will never be given
You were my light, so bright you shone and defaced every darkness
Your smile crushed every sadness
But when I look at the sky
I have reason to cry
Because I’m JILTED

Deep inside I bleed, coz I’m in dire need
A wound that can only be healed,
By the feeling of your warm touch
The absence of you makes me empty
I’m filled with so much grief
All I have is tears, pain and loneliness
Only the walls can hear my cries
Because I’m JILTED

Come back my love
You are as sacred as a dove
My life will never be complete
Without you by my side
Wealth cannot give the comfort
Your love brings
What is money without love
I Love you and I don’t wanna be