Wednesday, August 16, 2006


My heart is broken, though no words spoken
My mind opened, to receive a love that will never be given
You were my light, so bright you shone and defaced every darkness
Your smile crushed every sadness
But when I look at the sky
I have reason to cry
Because I’m JILTED

Deep inside I bleed, coz I’m in dire need
A wound that can only be healed,
By the feeling of your warm touch
The absence of you makes me empty
I’m filled with so much grief
All I have is tears, pain and loneliness
Only the walls can hear my cries
Because I’m JILTED

Come back my love
You are as sacred as a dove
My life will never be complete
Without you by my side
Wealth cannot give the comfort
Your love brings
What is money without love
I Love you and I don’t wanna be

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Anonymous said...

nice blog you ve got.saw ur blog on Nairaland so i checked it out.Like what you re doing here,keep it up