Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Internet

The internet is one great technological thing that has kept people going, think of the long hours you spend in front of the screen surfing, a time you definitely cannot spend doing something else, think of being awake probably all through the nite typing, chatting, bloging, mailing, posting, recieving and all that, but whatever you do just let it be good.
A whole lot of people abuse the privilege of being on the net and use their talents negatively, this is no more news as a lot of people have fallen victim or fallen prey to these fraudulent talented guys.
why the word talented? "Talented" because these guys are really gifted but they tend to exercise or utilise their talents negatively, it takes brains to convince and decieve somebody completely.
thatz the talent we're talking about, itz not really easy talking people out of doing what they do coz thatz probably their livelihood but tell me how you would feel if you were the one who fell prey to the ferocious fraudsters ready to devour any mugu. guys can always invest their talents in honest means of aquiring wealth, it requires hardwork though but it definitely leads to success and thatz the spirit, the spirit of doing what is right.
personally i won't say i'm some kinda genius or something coz i alwayz believe there's always something to learn and thatz exactly what i always try to do.
love from THE ORACLE


Anonymous said...

datz a good one son. Advice them... This yahoo yahoo guyz need to do something good. Naija's image has been rubished seriously.

bibi said...

wats bout all dse yahoo boys. i heard thats the real job in naija now... wa wah o.

sha the internet has doen great things for me....