Saturday, February 03, 2007

Beauty Without Brains

An exquisite Catwalk
on beautiful high heels
Taking every step one by one
on beautiful streets,
Walking with boldness
As she passes, all heads turn
To stare at this fair skinned damsel
She’s the definition of beauty
The culmination of fairness
A creature specially created
She’s probably been overrated
She drives men insane
But she’s a Beauty Without Brains

She uses her natural decorations
To commit numerous abominations
The things she does in the dark
Always shows on her back
Beauty without brains
If only she knew the pains
Her mother went through
Maybe she’d change.
A young charming figure
who boasts of her looks
But cannot figure
what is written in books.
A beauty to behold
So young and bold
She dresses in expensive wears
But has nothing upstairs
She has to walk the right lane
Because she’s a beauty without brains

Friday, February 02, 2007

Hawker Girl

Every single day, she passes by
And stirs up a feeling I can’t deny
I’m not so happy about what she does
But in her organization, she’s the boss
A beautiful young girl
Who does nothing but sell,
She has to raise money for the family
Because her parents earn no salary.
A girl with a future so bright
But hasn’t come to see the light,
The light education has to bring
For a new song she will sing

Although I don’t like what she sells
I’m bound to her like a spell
Each time she passes
I cherish the glances
I call her but she says “I’m Dirty”
I tell her “It enhances your beauty”
The dust is powder
She is shy and wants to cry
Whenever she smiles the earth quakes
The ground breaks and the world shakes
I let her know, what she does is not a crime
But she should always wear a smile
She does what she does well
But she’s a hawker girl

My friends tell me I’m losing my integrity
By hanging out with someone so filthy
If only they know what I feel
My burning desire and zeal
For this helpless angel
Maybe they’d never bother
Affection beyond human reasoning
Tastes like food, when added seasoning
My attention, attraction and admiration
Is for no one but the hawker girl.