Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's August

It's another August
The Eight month of the year
A month for the true and just
To live our lives without fear
As time elapses
We learn from our lapses
We're setting goals we must achieve
The accolade we hope to receive
And lift our head in Pride
In love we must abide.
We're awakened to dream
As we cross the stream
There's no one to trust
we're made from the dust
It's another wonderful August


Jaybabe said...

Yes its August..
So many things to do..
So many tears to cry..
So many jokes to laugh..
So many trips to travel..
So many nights to sleep..
So many days to live..
So much time to watch passing by..

Very nice post.

Olamild said...

Oh yes it is August
and saying 'Happy NEw Year' feels just like yesterday. Nice poem. thanks 4 stopping by


Be silent said...

Wow first time here and i am like wow

Queen of My Castle said...

Wonderful ode to August. Month of new beginnings. Nice blog, just happened to come across it.


LurLar said...

August is kinda dry......for me.Nice poem!!!

NikkiSab said...

I love august. Its my month and so its a lovely month to me. Nice poem.

Bill Ectric said...

Great poem. I like the play of word in the lines,
"As time elapses
We learn from our lapses"

and also

"There's no one to trust
we're made from the dust
It's another wonderful August."

victoria said...

beautiful, beautifu, ..and am not talking about me this time...i love Your poem, but i kinda hate august. its time school resume afta a boring summer. make it more more interesting, talk about february, may fav month