Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Your Awesome Sovereignty

From dust you made the man
By your words, the world was formed
The king of Heaven and Earth
Whose kingdom never ends
The Wonder of your mighty hand
Is too mysterious for science to comprehend
The sun giving light by day
And the moon by night
The stars sparkle and tell of your greatness
You created the earth, and all that is within
We live to sing your praises
All lifelong, until the end of time.

You are the light that shines in darkness
Shinning bright, you deface our sadness
The miracle we need in time of trouble
You made the blind to see your face
You made the deaf to hear the sound
The dumb to sing your praise
In you, true love I have found
We are not worthy of the life we have
But abundantly you give
Your unconditional love and divine nature
Proves your awesome sovereignty
You split the red sea
Because you make a path where there is no way
Your Grace is sufficient for me
I have nothing more to say.

The rains fall in due season
You alone know the reason
You made the trees, clouds, the air we breathe
Without you we have nothing
In you we are everything
We live to adore and appreciate Your Awesome Sovereignty.


Ugo Daniels said...


Olamild said...

Well written
nice template by the way

princesa said...

You write well.
I like this 'Ode to God'.
Thnx for dropping by mine.

30+ said...

Kabiyesi o

chidi said...

nice poem. God is really all powerfull!

Olamild said...

Yes he is