Friday, May 23, 2008

Family (2)

Never knew my beginning
I grew to believe their story
With keen interest they described my origin
How my delivery gave God glory.
I let out a cry that marked my arrival
It placed an involuntary smile on mother's face
I became a part of the human race.

I found myself
Amid closely linked bloodmates
Grew up to learn their ways,
Inculcate their values,
And many a times, go astray
I discovered a network of love
Existing among members
Which established a contrast to other people.
Sometimes they give me reason to hate them,
But the love overshadowed all grief.

Faced with many challenges
Fought many battles
We created an unbreakable bond
Won our battles.
Devoid of doubt
Of the affinity of my family
I walk with a sense of pride.
Even when I'm deserted by the world
I'll smile knowing there's love for me
From people who'll never forsake me
When in need.

From the days of my childhood
Till I found beard on my chin
Their love has never grown cold
I try to give them reason to belive
That beside them, I'm secure
I'd rather be here
Than dine in castles with kings
Because this is where I belong.

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nice one. family is where we always are. Okay, let me go see part 1.

Thanks for stopping by and joining in the conversation. BTW, I have updated so feel free to swing by and share your knowledge with us.

Take care!


The Paradigm said...

snap snap!!! i like the way u write. guess thats a plus one to most read blogs.

Kafo said...


this is smokingly hot in a communal kind of way

seriously, it got mii thinking about my own family and yeah



Ollay said...

Thank God you're still got the flows man. Family, what can we do without them?

The Paradigm said...

thanks for sending the link... i like !!!! NOW u make mine sound like an abstract lol wanted to leave a comment, but had to log o to MS... i dont do MS lol


ol boy, how now? you no go update?

BTW, Happy Nigerian Proclamation Day to you! Not sure what that is? Visit NIGERIAN CURIOSITY to find out.

Genial said...

Thanks for dropping by bro. You know, reading this poem makes me think of an acquaintance of mine who is struggling with the concept of being loved. Maybe I'll refer this poem. It is a wonderful thing to know that you are loved unconditionally, that someone has made up their mind to love you even before you have done anything right or wrong.

Yes, this is where we all should belong - in a place where we are loved, and are unafraid to love.

Well written.