Sunday, July 08, 2007


Irreversible constant motion
The Ultimate healer of every wound
Time used is a memory
Time being used is an experience
And time unused is the future.
The reason for ageing
Our close, distant friend
that owes no explanation
for passing by without notice,
Slowly turning our dark hair grey
As we watch our life gradually decay.

The hands of the clock strikes continually
As the future is brought to our doorstep
The last minute becomes history
And history is soon forgotten.
Although we cannot stop time
we can make the best use of it
Time gives us hope of a better future
as darkness slowly becomes morning
or remorse for a terrible past
as we realise it has caused irrevocable damage

It is prudent to ply this seemingly endless journey with caution
Because our close, distant friend is not friendly
Sometimes we want time to move twice as fast
Because we're trying to overcome a difficult situation
or we never want it to end
Because we're enjoying every minute of it
Make wise use of this abundantly scarce commodity TIME

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