Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Night

The day is far spent
And every man goes to his tent
It's the dawning of the dusk
A change from light to darkness.
The sun sets in the west
And it is time to rest
Suddenly the sky is covered
With a black cloak
With tiny shiny dots that sparkle
In the big beautiful firmament.
This lovely darkness
Means we have to go to bed

I sit looking at the sky,
I see the sparkling stars
And feel the cool night air
I cannot but appreciate the beauty of nature
But I must soon lay my head
On my beloved bed
And travel far, beyond reach
To a world of fantasy,
To dreamland.
Where life is extremely beautiful
And we never want to come back
I must sleep to dream.
I was determined
To experience this beautiful fantasy.

I walked in and wished the family "Good Night"
Expressed appreciation for God's protection
And i was ready to face what the night had to bring
With a wonderful "Good Night, sleep tight and sweet dreams"
I departed and resurrected in the morning

Have you told a loved one "Goodnight" tonight?


Sparkle said...

here's one...
I bid you good night and pleasant dreams, with my greeting.

Though miles separate us, and our time together is fleeting.

May you slumber in peaceful rest, on this, another night.

And have wonderful dreams and all bad ones take flight.

May you awaken to a glorious smiling sun and morning dew.

May your joys be many, and your sufferings be few.

I bid you hope, peace and never ending blessings today.

As for you and your family, I kneel and with sincerity, pray.

Oracle said...

Thatz really beautiful, Sparkle

coolgal said...

wow! thanks for stopping by my blog your blog is also very inpsiring:)how is your day going?

I will post my poem sometime soon:)

NikkiSab said...

U make it look intresting to reach the end of day. And yes, i told my man u and family goodnight. Thanks for stopping by TOC!!

Jaybabe said...

First time here.

Nice blog...and very nice post.

I bid myself goodnight last night..

Anonymous said...

hey tanx for stopping by!

obi said...

Great Creativity displayed there man.