Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Without the Painting

Fifteen Minutes in front of the Mirror
Brushing, Cleaning, Dusting, and Painting
Tracing every line without error,
After all the stress, it is worth nothing.
Trying to enhance beauty
But Ignorant of Natural beauty
Her Lips are blood red,
Her eyelashes are pitch black
Her skin is as white as snow
At the culmination of her painting
She stepped out, a puppet,
She's a clown that wouldn't make you laugh
She appears in Colors
In an already colored world

She passes by and all heads turn
She is pleased by the attention she draws
She takes every step skillfully
Because she's a painted Queen.
After the Catwalk and conspicuousness
She goes home to wash off the colors
And begins another round of painting in the morning

Without the painting, she's an angel
She's the perfect picture of nature.
An epitome of Beauty
Illuminating Vivacity
As too much seasoning spoils the soup,
Too much colors ruin the look
Without the painting, she's natural
She's unadulterated and original.

The painting is like addition to perfection
Which makes perfection a counterfeit
You're lovely the way you are
I'll go for a girl without the Painting


~Mimi~ said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is sooo nice!! me likey jare. well done.

Xdos said...

"After all the stress, it is worth nothing."
"I'll go for a girl without the Painting"

You've got a nice peom bro but I wont take those...
If heads could turn bcos of her, then her paintin was worth something...
There are some girls who are better off with it... So it could be nice sometimes

Fo said...

its wht some live on and visa...but obivously being natural is the best choice!!hope u find the right one...

obi said...

.that was a wonderful one there man; but all the same with or without the painting wat matters most is the inward being.

victoria said...

I love this poem..more than the other ones. but OUCH!!!! I wear make-up, you make me feel bad about that

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?