Monday, June 04, 2007

The Idle Mind

An Idle mind, the Devil's workshop
Bringing you to the Last Bus stop
The state of being Unengaged
Jobless and receiving no wage
An extreme feeling of boredom
Perfect for the Obtrusion of Temptation
As creepy thoughts gradually crawl in

Maria is in the Kitchen doing the dishes
She can't do better coz she is a housewife
"I wanna work in a Company" she wishes
She craves for more, she needs a better life.
A knock at the door calls her attention
A man walks in to fix the Television
An embodiment of handsomeness
Maria fancies him
One thing leads to another
Some Minutes later John steps into his house
and finds another man in bed with his spouse

Benny had graduated from school
He was always home when everyone went to work
Helpless and lonely, he wandered like a fool
In his boredom someone knocked on the door
Its Benny's school friend Buck
"Benny could you please accompany me to somewhere"
This meant freedom from loneliness he could not bear
They walked through the streets
Under the scorching sun
Suddenly Buck tells him to get into the car
Benny could not tell whose car it was.
Mommy gets back home and can't find Benny
She asks the neighbours about her sonny
She sits for a glass of Juice
As she sees her boy on the 7 o clock news
Benny was charged for snatching a car
He never knew the Police wasn't so far.

If Maria had a job, she would never have gone astray
If Benny was engaged, he would never have gone with Buck
Although they all appeared to be Victims of circumstance
Their minds was idle.
They were manipulated like Chess pieces by the Devil himself
Because their Idle Minds became his workshop


azuka said...

Great stuff. It reads so smoothly and still manages to rhyme :-D

Ugo Daniels said...

Splendid. My first tym here, will be back for more sturvs like this.

catwalq said...

But there are many with jobs who have affairs, many in school who steal and many who are engaged who are just inclined to be miscreants
...but I get the point

Oracle said...

I understand you Catwalq, but temptation preys upon an idle mind twice as easy

Anonymous said...

wow!nicely written!u do write very very well