Monday, October 02, 2006


I wouldn’t say that I am resistant to temptation
But I’ll try hard to resist
I wouldn’t say that I won’t be attracted to someone
But I’ll keep loving you
I wouldn’t say I can’t stop loving you
But while the game is on, we play it
I wouldn’t say I am flawless or a perfect lover
But together we’ll correct our mistakes
I wouldn’t say you were caught by my charm
But you loved me the way I am
I wouldn’t say there won’t be trials
But our reaction would determine our victory
I wouldn’t say there won’t be sad times
But we won’t let it exceed itz limit
I won’t say I’ll always be there for you
But when I’m not, know that I’ve always wanted to,
Know itz a circumstance beyond my control

There are many things I won’t want to say
But you know as well as I do that they may happen
Our love is very much stronger.
And though the bond that keeps us close together could break
Letz keep it unbreakable while we can.