Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Enemy within

Dark and pretty woman
In her, I found answers
to the darkest mysteries of Love.
Perfect wife material
She lived up to the criteria
She's every man's dream
The love from her eyes that gleam
Thoughts of the good times we shared
And how she seemed to care
are ever clear in my mind.
She was just what I needed in a woman
But behind her charm
lies the ferocity of a beast

I was sure she was the right one for me
but I was too blind to see
I remember her charming smile
Her soothing voice
Her warm embrace
that made me feel secure
Her presence,
that made me proud to be in love
I thought I had found my missing rib
The way she moves her hips
And the taste of her lips
was enough to make me say "I do"

My mother knew something was wrong
But I had to move along
Assuring her of her qualities,
her humbleness and abilities.
Now I'm legally attached to this monster
The same belle I married
Has given me cause to worry.
The woman I call my wife
Is the sorrow of my life.
The preacher said its "For better or worse"
I must face the trouble that lies ahead
Tolerate and adapt to the enemy within