Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Clad in the apparel of iniquity
Sin’s firm grip of my soul
Like a convicted felon
Clenched by the paws of melancholy

The dogged haul to the dark side
Pulling my mind
Magnetism almost beyond resistance
Blinding me to the ills of sin

Flesh gratifying exercise
Pleasure derived for a moment
Executed in an eye’s twinkle
Dissolves with enduring sorrow

Forsaken with guilt
Sorrow of great depth
Immaculate filth
Flowing, filling up my system

The almighty sits and watches
The fraternity with the enemy
His loving arms are spread open
To accept the lost sheep

Back at his feet
Accepted once again into the family
The light has shone again
I have found solace in righteousness

Thursday, September 04, 2008

I miss you

As we glide through various phases
Of this seemingly endless tour called life
Our being stares challenges in the eyes
We become stronger with every hurdle we overcome
We age with every second that strikes
The oscillatory nature of humanity
Feeds us from the menu of boredom
Making life a dreary ride
But there are moments worth recalling
Moments spent in your presence
Where life’s meaning is but a dream
Every second is cherished to infinity
The senseless nothings that made me beam a smile
Your vivacity deflowering my gloomy lips

When I glance across my room
My shadow is my only company
Why am I tormented by visions of you?
Why do I feel that your appearance
Will be an antidote to my emptiness?
I am pierced deeply by the sting of your absence
The pain is insufferable
It amplifies my misery.
And my remnant only hopes for your return
I have nothing else to do
But sit still and keep missing you.