Friday, October 24, 2008

Night worker

Sauntering through the streets
In dark corners
Waiting for redemption
Of sexual gratification
Every passer by looks like a client
They answer the call that was never made

Seeking human prey
Towing the sons of men into the fiery kingdom
Making sinners of men
For hell is never crowded

Giving their virtue for riches
The root of every evil known to humanity
At daylight, she's your next door good girl
In hours of darkness, the filthiest nubile creature

The treasure reserved for only one
Has become the national cake
No one therefore can claim the patent right
Of this wonder of nature

On the duty post, when Adam's breed lay asleep
Working in darkness,
A time reserved for the action of spiritual forces,
When the men of the underworld operate
And all despicable evil is executed

They are slaves of the fiend
Only the almighty can save his people from doom