Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fear is your heart's keep

Tears are dropping
Like candle wax melting
Evil is lurking outside the door
I hear the door rattle
The wind shivers as the night air
Blowing fear deep in your marrow
There is no reason for courage
For no mortal can stand the fright
Sit waiting, watching, counting the
To your delightful debacle
A terror long waited
Slowly sipping existence
This is nothing but the forerunner
For your true demise waits to take you
in slumber
Your screams are loud as a whisper
You slowly drown in a pool of
You’re blessed with the curse of death
As the clock strikes midnight
You gasp for life
But your destiny is fulfilling
“knock knock”, it’s the end at your door
Slowly your life is drained
To an everlasting slumber
As the world whispers “adios”


AlooFar said...

wow. deep. dark.

Attracta said...

im really impressed.Thumbs up

Anonymous said...

Not really a big fan of darkness, fear or sorrow, so I don't think this is my "brand". Still has your contemporary touch I like and we want to see more from you( the break is getting too long).
Keep it up brother.
Your sincere critique, olive-obie