Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Itz the sight of my fulfillment
Pivot to my joy
The demise of my trepidation
Courage to change the world
Itz the reason I sing in the shower
I’ve found my place on the sphere

Slowly my joy dwindles
I feel dry and dead as a leaf
Like your ears, I’m a part of you
But you have no sight of me
Agony sips my strength
Draining the life off my feisty self

My brain is growing cold
With thoughts of you in another’s arm
I’m just a passerby
Slowly descending the height of my debacle
I’ve seen diversity in life
But my grief was conceived in joy’s womb
As I wait and watch, hoping and wishing
That my secrets are whispered to your heart
“I’ve always been here”
And there’s time no longer
In the end you’ll know
That you had my heart
But it might just become a memory

Then your tears will know no bounds
And I’ll be fulfilling my destiny,
Charting life’s course.