Friday, December 22, 2006


Strong desire to stray and go the wrong way
Deception so intense, attraction immense
Answering the call leading to a great fall
An action taken with uncertainty
which brings about remorse

The course for leaving the right track
The reason for having a flaw
The sweeter looking part of two choices
The fall of the great tower

Succumbing to the sweet deceptive voice,
Is like a crack in the chain,
which slowly becomes a break
and leads to damage

Temptation, the thief of ethics
Harbinger of shame
Reproach to humanity
Deprives one of nobility

An attractive force so powerful
Almost impossible to overcome
The wise will always resist temptations
Though it is not easy, it requires endurance

Yielding to temptation shows weakness
It is the picture of a drowning man
Who catches the straw
It is the trap you almost didn’t fall into
Once fallen, the action cannot be undone

Overcoming proves your worth
And makes a man stronger
And ready for the next challenge
It is more rewarding to overcome
The thief of happiness: TEMPTATION


Nilla said...

I love this poem!

Hope you had a great christmas.
Happy New year in advance.

azuka said...

Great stuff.

Sorry I wasn't online the other day. You can contact me later.

Oracle said...

Thanks guys

I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year

Anonymous said...

hehe!..and just a week ago or so when i was trying to rhyme, i stummbled upon the word: recidivist