Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Love

There’s no passion in your eyes, no fire to justify the folly of my feelings

There’s no warmth in your body, no comfort absorbed when I hold you close

There’s no smile on your lips, no motivation to ply this vague journey called “Romance”

There’s no wonder in your thoughts, no surprises to keep the suspense alive

There’s no magic in your touch, no reaction to change my life status

There’s no fragrance from your skin, no reason to come close to you again

There’s no melody in your voice, no cause to break this ghastly silence

There’s no beauty in you, no reason to look your way when boredom clinches my soul

There’s no rhythm in your gait, no reason to walk beside you

There’s no spark in your kiss, no stimulus to bring on the goose bumps

There's no joy in your presence, no fulfillment in your appearance

There’s no absence in your absence, perfection was missing when you came in

In the end I realize there’s no love for you


Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful!!!!!!

Nma Nazzy Agada said...

I love this piece. You're a great writer. I'm glad I dropped by.