Friday, December 20, 2013


The joy of birth
Leaves the mind boggling
At the scare of death.

For as time marks a beginning
So its tireless hands
Tick to an abrupt ending.

It is not death that we should fear
But the sorrow accompanied
By an unfulfilled life.

In the darkness of its clenched fist,
An abduction sharper
Than the edge of a crescent moon

The curtain falls on an era,
Yet somewhere on the sphere
Marks another genesis.

 In your seemingly boundless,
Yet limited time
Your vigour and enthusiasm
Was second only to your will

For it takes
True masculine strength
To beget two sons

Time has frozen
Darkness has fallen
Your time has completed its oscillation

But in your demise,
We wouldn’t suffer
Salty tears to roll down

But heave a sigh
Of concordance
Because God has called you home

Rest in Bliss Osondu Alozie
-         For Gazie, a brother and true friend.

1 comment:

Nma Nazzy Agada said...

this is a beautiful ode. sorry for your loss.
the curtain falls on an era,
yet somewhere on the sphere
marks another genesis......
I loved that part most.